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About Halloween in the Archipel

About Halloween in the Archipel

To celebrate Halloween, we go trick-or-treating in our Archipel neighbourhood in The Hague every year.

We do this on the Saturday evening closest to 31 October; the actual date of Halloween. In 2022, this is Saturday 29 October.

Halloween in the Archipel

Everyone is welcome to celebrate Halloween, but it is, in principle a celebration for the residents of the Archipel neighbourhood.

Children (often accompanied by one or more parents) roam the neighbourhood streets to knock on the door asking for sweets. Or else…you may get tricked.

Residents will, if they like, dress-up their house and/or themselves. And Trick-or-treaters will knock on theirs door on Saturday for sweets.

People who want to participate, both as a house to visit and/or as trick-or-treaters can register via the registration page.

Where does Halloween originate from?

The official date for Halloween is 31 October: ‘All Hallow’s Eve’. The evening before 1 November. The date Catholics honour all Saints who do not have their own specific day on which they get celebrated.

Conveniently the Catholic Church chose the same date as the Roman’s had their harvest festival in those days. And around the same time, on the British Islands, the Celts used to celebrate the transition from Summer to Autumn.

You can see everything about the origin of Halloween in this this video.