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Not at home for Halloween

Not at home for Halloween

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It’s Halloween and the kids are ready to go trick or treating. However, you don’t want them to go from door to door by themselves. And, let’s be honest: you’re also very curious to see what the neighbourhood looks like.

So, how can your house still participate? Allowing all those kids to collect enough candy and also make this year’s Halloween a proper Halloween?

  1. Are there 2 parents at home? Take turns. While one of you is out hunting with the kids, the other one can be at home handing out candy.
  2. Ask the babysitter, grandpa, grandma, an uncle or aunt to stay at home and hand out candy. Or, alternatively, let them walk around with the kids.
  3. Put a bowl of sweets in front of the house while you are out. This way trick or treaters don’t have to miss out on goodies.

Be creative! Because, only with enough houses to go around, this year’s Halloween will be a proper Halloween.

We do this together. Also sign up as a participating house via the registration form.