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Pick up your window sign

Pick up your window sign

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Can trick-or-treaters ring your doorbell during Halloween in the Archipel? Then you can also receive a fancy sign to stick on your window with suction cups.

Van Eijk Real Estate has arranged a trick-or-treat sign for all participating houses. This way, it is clear to everyone that they can knock on your door during Halloween. The signs can be collectedat Van Eijk at Bankstraat 107A, on weekdays between 9.00 and 17.30.

Marieke Alberts (on the right), co-owner of Van Eijk, hands out the first sign to Marieke of Halloween in the Archipel.

Na Halloween kun jij je bord weer inleveren bij Van Eijk. Zij slaan de borden op, zodat ze bij jou thuis niet in de weg staan.

Want a sign on your window, but haven’t yet registered? Then do so now via the sign up form.

Pro tip: cut out the eyes (and mouth) of the pumpkin and hang a bicycle light on the inside 🎃