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The Curse of Pharaoh Tutautotuttut

The Curse of Pharaoh Tutautotuttut

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It’s the year 3000 before Christ and Pharaoh Tutautotuttut reigns over the biggest Egyptian empire the world has ever seen. Until disaster strikes…

On a journey far in the north of his kingdom, the Pharaoh suffers an unfortunate fall. He is about to succumb to his injuries. With his final breath Pharaoh Tutautotuttut orders his servants to return his body to the heart of Egypt. And, bury him there.

But, months of traveling removed from the holy valley of kings, the Pharaoh’s servants are forced to bury Pharaoh Tutautotuttut on the spot. Unwittingly unleashing a gruesome curse: The Curse of Pharaoh Tutautotuttut.

Over the years the exact location of Pharaoh Tutautotuttut’s grave has been forgotten. However, increasingly stranger things are happing around Balistraat 50 since the fiber glass excavation works in our neighbourhood. It seems as if something… has awakened.

Find out for yourself what happened exactly during Halloween in the Archipel on October 29. But, beware, things can get gruesome at Balistraat 50. Visiting is entirely at your own risk and not for the faint of heart.